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The Sandwich Project

May 27 – October 1, 2017

The Sandwich Project is a site-specific two-year project that explores the entangled relationships between place, history and identity vis-à-vis food culture in Windsor between the 1950s to present. Originally named Old Sandwich Town, the neighborhood known as Sandwich in Windsor, ON maintains many relationships to the word and meaning of “sandwich.” Established in 1749 as a site for French and British settlement (from Detroit), host of the War of 1812 and later home for black settlement, a shoreline upon which thousands found refuge from slavery in the United States, Sandwich is one of the oldest and most historically significant neighborhoods in the province. Incorporated as a Town in 1858, Sandwich – where the first urban settlements in Windsor were recorded – has upheld a reputation for being a “blue collar” neighborhood beholden to a community immersed in manufacturing and government services. Similar in name to the popular food item – sandwich – this section of town, like a sandwich, is rich in layers, albeit cultural, historical, economic and political layers rather than layers of ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato and bread.

Organized into individual exhibitions dedicated to IAIN BAXTER&, Andy Warhol and food imagery in American Pop Art in the exhibition SNACK, food and feminism, lunch food in popular culture, Frederick Verner’s watercolours of Old Sandwich Towne and iconic food-themed films presented in partnership with the Windsor International Film Festival, the exhibition reflects upon urban renewal and historical preservation. Through food – more specifically the sandwich – The Sandwich Project is also strikingly political in its contemplation that food is a vehicle through which to map history, challenge gender stereotypes as well as survey the economics of an era.   

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