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March Break Camp 2017

Adventures in Mapping : March 13–17, 2016, 9:00am–4:00pm 

Recommended ages: 6–14


Non-Members: $200/ weekly, $55/ daily, $30/Half Day (1-4pm)

AGW Members: $180/ weekly, $50/ daily, $25/ Half Day (1-4pm)

Be an explorer and map your own adventures while you discover the mysteries and local histories stored in the AGW’s permanent collection and current exhibitions. Enjoy field trips to fun and exciting places, such as the Chimczuk Museum and Adventure Bay Family Water Park. Family and friends are invited to attend an Art Show with all the campers' artwork on display in the studio on Friday, March 17 at 3:00 pm.

Each morning, campers will meet on the second floor in the art studio, a wondrous & inspiring space with tall ceilings and floor to ceiling windows overlooking our beautiful Windsor Waterfront Garden and famous Detroit River Skyline, where they will enjoy meeting new friends and getting to know each other by learning each other’s names and playing fun games. Campers will enjoy meeting new friends and getting to know each other by learning each other’s names by playing fun games and dances.

Monday: Voyagers, Adventurers & FNMI - Who are they?

Campers will have fun exploring landscapes and urban areas, the use of colour, line, and shape in compositions in First Nation, Inuit and Canadian artworks in the Look Again! Canadian Heritage and the Land exhibition and Local Matters, attention to subject matter and our own individual understandings about and how they are used to create unique works of art and how they represent where we come from. After a snack break, back in the studio, campers will map out their own neighbourhoods, inspired by the gorgeous view of the Windsor riverfront. After lunch campers will tour, Position as Desired and discuss how the artists use of medium is used to covey a story. After the tour campers will have fun exploring outside and inside the gallery for textures for crayon rubbing to be used afterwards in a collage.

Tuesday: Archaeologists – What is Archaeology?

Campers will travel through time, as they learn the history of the portraiture, by exploring the Look Again! Exhibitions.Back to the studio, and after a snack break, campers will create their very own treasure chest for safe keepings. After lunch campers will enjoy a gallery tour of the Suzy Lake Exhibition and explore the artist’s use of medium to covey a story. Then, off to the Chimczuk Museum, campers will have fun learning about local history through a hands-on-explorative tour and a visit to their state-of-the-art Children’s Gallery and Learning Space. Back in the studio campers will create their own clay relics, pendant, pinch pot or critter.

Wednesday: Explorers and Reporters - Where, when, why, who?

Campers will examine the artworks in Look Again! The Salon Wall, in search of the stories of the lives of the people in the works of art. After a snack break, campers will go enjoy a scavenger hunt on a nature walk and back in the studio, they will create a Trash to Treasure 2-D painting. After a little break campers will create their own treasure map on Kraft paper. After lunch campers will visually map the history and migration of a family across North America by watching and listening to the Artist’s Talk, by Deanna Bowen. Back in the studio, campers will have a half hour to enjoy their hearty lunch before heading over to the St. Clair College Media Plex & Centre for the Arts for a fun, hands-on interactive tour. On the way back to the studio, campers will create their own sun print with cool cyanotype paper!

Thursday: Super Hero Day - Who’s your Favourtie Character

Campers are invited to dress up as their favourite super hero or character for a fun Super Hero themed day! Our super hero’s will fly up to the third floor exhibition to Look Again! Form and Design through Abstract Art and be amazed by the bold us of colour and line. Back in the Studio, our campers will have fun creating their own masks or super hero eye cover. Faster than a plane, campers will then make their own fun passport before traveling to Rogues Gallery, where they have comic books and cool souvenirs. After a lunch break back in the Studio, campers will look at artworks in Local Matters by local artists. Back in the studio, campers will create their own comics or super hero and after snack break, they will have a so much fun making life-size self-portraits or characters!

Friday: ART SHOW DAY – Artist’s choice?

Today, campers get to choose one of their favourite exhibitions from the past week or visit a new exhibition they haven’t seen yet. After a snack break, back in the studio, campers will design their own post card or greeting cards, before finishing up any artwork from the past week. After lunch, campers will have fun at Adventure Bay Family Water Park before meeting family and friends back in the studio for their art show!

Lunch & Snack Time

Please provide PEANUT AND NUT FREE FOODS for the morning and afternoon snacks and lunch. Due to severe nut allergies, it is imperative that parents and guardians provide appropriate snack and lunch food.

Please ensure your camper has enough snacks, a generous lunch and water bottle to get them through our fun filled days. Thank-you!

To protect children from the elements, please provide a water bottle, sun screen, hat, umbrella, rain gear (weather permitting) and a change of clothing.

Get started today and download the March Break Camp Registration Form. Kindly, please return in person, email or fax to 519 977 0776. 

For additional registration information please contact Jessica Cook at education@agw.ca or 519-977-0013 ext. 103.

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