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Print Publications

The following AGW publications are available for purchase from the Visitor Services kiosk on the 2nd floor or by calling 519-977-0013 ext. 117. (Ask about special pricing for AGW members.)

The Sandwich Project
Illustrated; 140 pages; essays by Theresa Bembnister, Laurie Bertram, Mark Clintberg, José Diaz, Christopher Finn, Adam Lauder, Jaclyn Meloche and Donald Wilson
Price: $20 

Downtown/s – Urban Renewals Today for Tomorrow
The 2017 Windsor-Essex Triennial of Contemporary Art

Illustrated; 88 pages; essays by Jaclyn Meloche, Kirsty Robertson, Lee Rodney, Michael Darroch, Donna Akrey, Taien Ng-Chan, Terry Sefton, and Kathryn Ricketts
Price: $20  

Territories: Brenda Francis Pelkey
Illustrated hardcover book; 192 pages; essays and statements by Ingrid Jenkner, Martha Langford, Nancy Yakimoski, Catharine M. Mastin, Nadja Pelkey and Brenda Francis Pelkey; available in both English and French
Price: $40  

Wafaa Bilal: 168:01
Illustrated; 52 pages; essays by Srimoyee Mitra, Gregory Sholette and Ian Alden Russell
Price: $15 

Raphaëlle de Groot: The Summit Meetings
Bilingual; illustrated; 176 pages; essays by Srimoyee Mitra, Ryan Doherty, Raphaëlle de Groot, Jacob Wren, Bernard Lamarche, Véronique Leblanc, Julie Bélisle
Published in partnership with the Art Gallery of Windsor, Southern Alberta Art Gallery and Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Quebec
Price: $30 

Possible Futures: What is to be done? The 2014 Windsor-Essex Triennial of Contemporary Art
Illustrated; 80 pages; essays by Srimoyee Mitra, Melissa Bennett, Lucy Howe, Stuart Reid; and Gregory Tom
Price: $20 

Border Cultures
Illustrated; 160 pages; Introduction by Catharine M. Mastin and texts by Srimoyee Mitra, Bonnie Devine, Iftikhar Dadi, Christopher McNamara, Dylan Miner, Lee Rodney, Martha Rosler.
Published in Partnership with Black Dog Publishing
Price: $31.50

Bonnie Devine: The Tecumseh Papers
Illustrated; 44 pages; introduction by Srimoyee Mitra; essays by Alan Ojiig Corbiere, Wanda Nanibush, and Leanne Simpson
Price: $15

Land Marks
Illustrated, 52 pages; essays by Katherine Dennis, Andrea Fatona, Caoimhe Morgan-Feir. 
Co-published with the Thames Art Gallery, Chatham and the Art Gallery of Peterborough
Price: $10

Hajra Waheed: field notes and other backstories 
Winner of the 2014 OAAG Award for Design
Illustrated, 46 pages; essays by Srimoyee Mitra, Kristine Khouri, Nada Raza
Designed by Chany Lagueux 
Price: $20

Zeke Moores: Dispose
Illustrated, 38 pages; essays by Ray Cronin, Bruce Johnson and interview by Srimoyee Mitra
Price: $20

Kika Thorne: The WILDcraft
Illustrated; 46 pages; essays by Jesse Birch, Rosemary Heather and Srimoyee Mitra 
Price: $15

Illustrated; 38 pages; introduction by Jeremy Rigsby, interview by Adam Lauder
Published in collaboration with Media City Film Festival
Out of print

H& IT ON: Featuring IAIN BAXTER&
Illustrated; 175 pages; edited by Adam Lauder, featuring IAIN BAXTER&
Published in collaboration with YYZBooks
Out of print

Scott Conarroe: By Rail
Illustrated; 36 pages; essays by Robert Bean, James Patten, Lee Rodney 
Co-published with McIntosh Art Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, Stephen Bulger Gallery and the Art Gallery of Windsor
Price: $20

Sky Glabush: The Visible and the Invisible
Illustrated; 30 pages; essays by Sky Goodden, Ross Woodman and interview with Robert Enright
Price: $10

AGW E-Publications

The publications listed below are available in PDF format for your enjoyment and learning. They are in a print-ready format should you wish to make your own print version. The Gallery has not made print copies for purchase.  AGW e-Publications are produced with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council — Arts Investment Fund for Publishers and Periodicals.

401 West! Portrait of the Region
Illustustrated; 32 pages, with essays by Chris FInn, Catharine Mastin, et. al.
foreword by Catharine Mastin

The Living River Project: Art, Water and Possible Worlds
Illustrated; 29 pages; essays by Patrick Mahon and Stuart Reid,
foreword by Catharine Mastin

Hind vs. Hind 
Illustrated; 14 pages; essay by Simon Frank and foreword by Catharine M. Mastin

'Blazes Along the Trail': Exploring David Milne’s Imaginative Vision
Illustrated; 21 pages; essays by Christopher Finn and Jennifer Robertson

Carl Beam: Four Directions
Illustrated; 16 pages; essay by Ann Beam and foreword by Catharine M. Mastin

Matthew Hawtin: Transposing
Illustrated; 40 pages; essay by Christopher McNamara

Between the Panels: The Comics Art of David Collier, David Finch, Jeff Lemire, and Kagan McLeod
Illustrated; 14 pages; essay by Dr. Dale Jacobs and Dr. C. Suzanne Matheson

Sigi Torinus: Into the Light
Illustrated; 32 pages; essay by Honor Ford-Smith

Yousuf Karsh: The Ford Motor Company of Canada Gift to the AGW
Illustrated; 12 pages; acknowledgement by Estrellita Karsh, essays by Cassandra Getty and Catharine M. Mastin

The Saltmarche Soirée and Live Auction Exhibition
Illustrated; 20 pages; authored by Catharine M. Mastin

“The Ladies, God Bless Them”
Women’s Volunteerism and Collections Development at the AGW (1950s-70s)
Illustrated; 36 pages; essay by Catharine M. MastinOther Electricities: Works from the AGW Collection
Illustrated; 17 pages; essay by cheyanne turions

David Blackwood:
An Exhibition from the Ron and Ginetta Barbaro Gift to the AGW
Illustrated; 38 pages; essay by Katharine Lochnan

The Walter Carsen Gift:
A Memorial Exhibition from the AGW Collection
Illustrated; 34 pages; essay by Catharine M. Mastin

Nicky Hamlyn: Film Works
Illustrated; 23 pages; essays by Al Rees and Nicky Hamlyn, interview with the artist by Oona Mosna and Jeremy Rigsby, Media City Program Directors, and foreword by Srimoyee Mitra

Female Self-Representation and the Public Trust:
Mary E. Wrinch and the AGW Collection

Illustrated; 12 pages; essay by Catharine M. Mastin

Illustrated; 14 pages; essay by David Liss 

Joseph Hubbard: You Don't Know What You Are Seeing
(Romancing the Gallery)
Illustrated; essays by Peter Schwenger, Ihor Holubizky

2011 AGW Biennial
Illustrated; foreword by Catharine M. Mastin, text by Srimoyee Mitra

Carl Beam e-Pub 2017Carl Beam e-Pub 2017
SIGI TORINUS Publication (low-res)SIGI TORINUS Publication (low-res)
MATTHEW HAWTIN Publication (low-res)MATTHEW HAWTIN Publication (low-res)
BETWEEN THE PANELS Publication (low-res)BETWEEN THE PANELS Publication (low-res)
KARSH Publication (low-res)KARSH Publication (low-res)
SALTMARCHE Auction Catalogue (low-res)SALTMARCHE Auction Catalogue (low-res)
THE LADIES, GOD BLESS THEM Publication (low-res)THE LADIES, GOD BLESS THEM Publication (low-res)
OTHER ELECTRICITIES Publication (low-res)OTHER ELECTRICITIES Publication (low-res)
BLACKWOOD Publication (low-res)BLACKWOOD Publication (low-res)
CARSEN Publication (low-res)CARSEN Publication (low-res)
HAMLYN Publication (low-res)HAMLYN Publication (low-res)
Hind vs. HindHind vs. Hind
David Milne: Blazes Along the TrailDavid Milne: Blazes Along the Trail