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Sundays in the Studio

Join us for family time and be engaged in creative studio activities led by local artists. Presented with the support of Anne Safranyos & family, we are pleased to offer Sundays in the Studio for a returning 5th year.

For the month of October, Kristina Bradt will be the Sundays in the Studio featured artist. Join Kristina for fun & creative projects that find their inspiration from the Sandwich Project, David Milne, and the upcoming 2017 Triennial: Downtown(s) / Urban Renewal.

Kristina is a Windsor-based artist and public art enthusiast, whose practice ranges in different mediums like painting, drawing, sculpture, digital and sound based work. Kristina earned her BFA from University of Windsor (2017) and has been furthering her technological skills with the use of 3D design and printing within her artistic practice. Themes included in her work revolve around the study of people, their everyday surroundings, and the connections and interactions between the two. She is currently focused on creating a visual representation of sound and providing a new understanding of the particular sense of hearing. Kristina has exhibited her work locally and participated in grant-funded projects like Breaking Barriers Mural Project, W.A.V.E.S Festival 2016, and a mural commission for the City of Windsor’s 125th Birthday.

October 1: Making Your Own Luck - Origami Fortune Cookies

Creating your own fortune cookies gives you the power to create your own luck and decide the direction of the future. We will be decorating our fortune cookie papers, filling them with imaginative, fun, and inspiring imagery, and writing our own fortunes to put inside. Each participant will learn how to fold his or her own fortune cookie to bring home or give to someone special!

October 15: Psychological Landscape

Participants will be creating an environment that makes you feel something with the use of contrasting imagery. By combining an existing or imagined outdoor landscape and bringing it to life with people, animals and other things that may not necessarily ‘belong.’ This activity is a chance for artists of any age to create an imaginary world full of possibilities while applying basic learning about drawing, collaging and picture making.

October 22: Out With the Old, In With the New - Interior Design Home Makeover

We will be re-designing an already existing interior giving it your own personal touch of style and influence. This gives the idea that one person’s vision of a living space is much different from those around them. We are re-creating an existing environment with tools that help reflect our current artistic vision, showing how everyday spaces adapt and change over time.

October 29: Sewing The Skyline

This activity utilizes abstract methods of art making driven by very real experiences we all have in city environments. Our goal is to have everyone “map” out what their version of Windsor, or any city environment looks like and means to them. This project can focus on specific spaces in the downtown environment, colours, shapes or patterns that reflect the energy felt in these types of spaces, and anything in between. These works will be created using fabric and sewing in a number of ways including place mats, wall hangings, 3D drawings, etc.

FREE with $10 Gallery admission (Free admission for AGW members, children under 6 and Indian Status and Métis Card Holders).

Children must be accompanied by an adult

Recommended Ages: 6+


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