Fall Winter 2017 Exhibitions

Sundays in the Studio

Join us for family time and be engaged in creative studio activities led by local artists. Presented with the support of Anne Safranyos & family, we are pleased to offer Sundays in the Studio for a returning 5th year.

Printmaking with March Featured artist: Elio Del Col

“If you can ink it, you can print it.” What more potential could a medium possibly offer to young, curious minds? The challenge to find your ‘own voice’, with no preconceptions, means there are no pulls in the linocut process. Compared to more traditional disciplines, the linocut is based upon experimentation and discovery. Printmaker becomes scavenger; materials produce unexpected results; techniques develop spontaneously; artists become alchemists. The magic of the medium assures that the creative urge is stimulated to the extent that follower becomes leader.

                “Wow! You printed that with this?!" Guarantees that another door is about to be opened – creative ‘carte blanche’.

                Beyond the physical matrix, experiments with colour offer more potential through overprinting. Combining various plates from different students opens more possibilities that there is time to investigate. This interactive approach not only expands the result, but also enhances the process. Forming a variety of creative alliances, students see not only their own contribution to the final print, but the value of other ideas as well.          

The bottom line, however, is fun. By surrendering some control to the medium, surprises happen – art results and printmakers are born.

Join Elio Del Col every Sunday in March from 1-4pm in the Studio!

Sunday, March 19, 2017 - Week Three: Exploring variations with the printing plate. Colour combinations and multiple overprinting can result in images beyond the original design.

Just beginning or more advanced, the opportunities to evolve an idea through printing  techniques are limitless............Time to get crazy!

First timers are encouraged to start off with styrofoam  plates to understand the principles of image reversal, design and printing. This enables one to better appreciate the potential of the linocut process.

FREE with $10 Gallery admission (Free admission for AGW members, children under 12 and Indian Status and Métis Card Holders).

Children must be accompanied by an adult

Recommended Ages: 6+

April 2017 - Featured Artist: Nadja Pelkey


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Saturday, March 25, 12 pm
Saturday, March 25, 2 pm
Sunday, March 26, 1 pm
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Thursday, March 30, 6 pm
Saturday, April 1, 2 pm
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