Stay Gold! Virtual Art Camp for Seniors and Adults

Tuesday, July 13 – Thursday, July 15 , 1 pm – 3 pm

Come on in and feel the connection to your past and present! This camp will be focusing on reconnecting to people, places, and those around us. Focusing on ourselves and our surroundings, through art.

Register by CLICKING HERE or contacting

  • Delivered virtually through MS TEAMS
  • July 13, 14, 15, 2021
  • 1am-3pm (with breaks)
  • Open to Adults and Seniors. By donation, pay what you can!

Suggested Materials:

  • paper: cardstock, construction paper, etc
  • drawing implements (pens, pencils, markers)
  • colouring materials: crayons, coloured pencils, paints, markers, etc
  • collage materials: printed images, magazines, coloured paper, etc
  • sculpting materials: clay, playdough, etc
  • use whatever materials you have available to you!


DAY 1: Memories and Dreams

Draw on your past memories and experiences to create unforgettable, abstract works of art! Campers will explore colours, shapes, and lines to live a complete sensory experience! Create abstract watercolour paintings and magical colour pencil drawings based on your most special memories! The twist? You'll draw with your eyes closed! What memories will YOU unlock? Using materials you have at home, we'll transform our abstract paintings or drawings into memory sun catchers! Let your favourite memories shine!

DAY 2: People and Places

People and places offer an endless source of inspiration! Using mixed-media and materials we all have at home, we'll create unique works of art that explore our relationship to those special peoples and places. Create a three-dimensional, pop-up landscape using mixed-media. What places inspire you? What is your favourite place? Using DIY dough, create a portrait of your younger, or older Self. What did you look like? Or how do you think you will look like? Let's find out!

DAY 3: Friends and Family

We all have unique stories. Write your own story through art! Using materials you already have at home, we'll create mix-media works that explore our connection to those who make our lives that much brighter! Use multi-media or unconventional materials to tell your lifetime story! From fabric, recycled materials, to paper, magazines, and paint! What materials will you use to represent your lived experience? How can you show someone special you care about them? With a friendship bracelet of course! Use materials you have at home to create a unique gift for the special people in your life!

Questions? Email Morgan Lawrence, Education Assistant at or visit