Board of Trustees

Ms. Federica Nazzani

Mr. Jim Marsh
Mr. Brandon Goddard
Ms. Pearl Davies
Mr. Giovanni Pecoraro
Ms. Mona Stonefish
Ms. Victoria Little
Dr. Audrey Ng
Ms. Louise Chance BAXTER&

Standing Committees

Executive, Chair, Ms. Federica Nazzani

Finance, Chair, Mr. Brandon Goddard

Acquisitions, Chair, Ms. Louise Chance BAXTER&

Education, Co-Chairs, Mr. Giovanni Pecoraro and Dr. Audrey Ng

Development, Chair, Ms. Pearl Davies

Property, Chair, Vacant

Board Development, Chair, Mr. Jim Marsh

Staff Resource
Dr. Catharine M. Mastin, AGW Executive Director/Secretary to the Board
Thereza Cockburn, AGW Executive and Fund Development Assistant