Family Fun Sundays in the Studio!

Presented with the support of Anne Safranyos & family, the AGW is pleased to present Family Fun Sundays in the Studio, At Home! a series of fun and interactive art-making activities which respond to current exhibitions, seasonal holidays and special events.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, and closure of the Art Gallery of Windsor, we shifted the program to an online platform. We reached out to our Gallery Guides, volunteers, and local artists who were up to the challenge! They quickly adapted to the new format, creating and delivering engaging and interactive activities from their home studios. 


June and July 2021: INCUBATOR ART LAB!

The INCUBATOR Art Lab is a hybrid laboratory at the intersection of Art, Science and Ecology at the University of Windsor. Founded in 2009, it serves as a studio/lab to facilitate bioart research and production. INCUBATOR hosts community workshops, houses biological artworks that challenge contemporary laboratory aesthetics, and celebrates storytelling and performance! To find out more, follow the lab on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @incubatorartlab. Subscribe to the lab's YouTube channel and visit www.incubatorartlab.com

INCUBATOR art lab is an artist lead studio/lab dedicated to research, creation and innovation. Their team includes several student researchers and staff members. Led by Dr. Jennifer Willet, current members include Kadila Adili, Angela Awada, Ashley Hemmings, Billie McLaughlin, Domenica Medaiti, Hadia Nadeem, Nate Talbot, and Aleeza Tariq.


Week 1: Natural Dyes with Ashley Hemmings 

In this workshop INCUBATOR Art Lab research assistant Ashley Hemmings will demonstrate how to make natural dyes from plant matter and vegetable scraps, and how to use these dyes to colour fabric and yarn. This fun workshop can easily be followed from home, and will focus on making art with free or cheap materials found around the home. Thank you to Anne Safranyos and family for supporting Sundays in the Studio!


  • Plant matter or vegetable scraps
  • Pots
  • Spoons
  • Water
  • Access to a stovetop
  • Yarn or fabric to dye (MUST BE natural fibres: cotton, linen, hemp, canvas, silk, etc).

About the artist: Ashley Hemmings
Ashley Hemmings is a visual artist and gallery worker currently based in St. John’s, Newfoundland. She completed her BFA in Visual Art at Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2018, and an MFA in Visual Art at the University of Windsor in 2021. Her practice asks questions about the relationships between humans and the natural world, and draws attention to the exponentially bizarre ways that land and public space are regulated but not protected. Using play and humor as methodology, Ashley’s practice combines locally rooted craft processes with other media such as video, installation, digital drawing, bioart, and collecting. Ashley has worked at a number of art galleries and artist-run-centres including Eastern Edge Gallery, The Grenfell Art Gallery, The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery, and INCUBATOR Art Lab. Follow Ashley here: www.ashleyhemmings.ca, @ash_hemmings


Week 2: Baking and Science with Aleeza Tariq

Did you know that baking is both science and art?! This week, Inc. INCUBATOR Art Lab research assistant Aleeza Tariq will demonstrate how to bake a rich, spongy vanilla cake covered in a mixture of chocolate and vanilla buttercream!

Materials (or Ingredients): Eggs, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, All-purpose flour, Baking powder, Milk, Vanilla extract, Chocolate chips, Cream, Vanilla and chocolate buttercream, Assorted chocolate pieces to decorate, Whisk, Spatula, Bowl, Scraper, Squeeze bottle.

Aleeza Tariq did an undergraduate in Biological Sciences at the University of Windsor. She is a research assistant and a lab monitor for the BioArt class. Previously, she has been involved in many research programs, among which is Insect Ecology and Behaviour under Dr. Sherah Vanlaerhoven. She was also a research assistant at the Office of Open Learning (OOL) Course Inquiry and Redesign Initiatives under Nick Baker, which focuses on improving first year courses. 


Week 3: INCUBATOR Art Lab replica with Dr. Jennifer Willet

Through this online workshop, participants will download and build a miniature replica of INCUBATOR Art Lab out of paper!


  • Cardstock paper 8.5”x11”
  • Scissors - Tape
  • Exacto Blade (optional but preferred)
  • Cutting board (optional)
  • Glue stick (optional)
  • Access to a printer


During this time of pandemic and social isolation, I was fortunate to work from home but I missed to my Bioart Laboratory and my research group at the University of Windsor. To address this loss, my team and I designed a miniature paper puppet theatre model of INCUBATOR Art lab to entertain ourselves while working from home. Through this online workshop, participants will download and build their own Paper Laboratory Puppet Theatre.

This project was developed in conjunction with the INCUBATOR Art Lab Team: Billie Mclaughlin, Ashley Hemmings, Domenica Mediati, Aleeza Tarqi, Kadila Adili, Nate Talbot, Hadia Nadeem.

Dr. Jennifer Willet is a Canada Research Chair in Art, Science, and Ecology and an Associate Professor in the School of Creative Arts at the University of Windsor (Canada.) Willet is an internationally successful artist and curator in the emerging field of bioart. Her work explores notions of representation and body in relation to evolving biotechnologies with an emphasis on ecological metaphors. She taught in the Studio Arts Department at Concordia University in Montreal Canada from 2000-2007, and completed her PhD in the Interdisciplinary Humanities Program at the same institution. Willet also taught "Bioart: Contemporary Art and the Life Sciences" for The Art and Genomics Centre at The University of Leiden in The Netherlands in 2008. In 2009 she opened the first bioart lab in Canada called INCUBATOR: Hybrid Laboratory at the Intersection of Art, Science, and Ecology.