SESSION 1: Caring for Self - Soul Card: Exploring the “Why” through collage

What does “caring for self” look like to you? Why is tuning into this energy important? How can we use art-making to care for self? Together, we will discover examples of artists that have used art as a way to navigate through challenges and difficulties. 

Using collage materials, we will explore an intuitive process to create a card that represents the energy of “caring for self”. A great way to start off the series! We will investigate different techniques we can use to create abstract and expressive collage. Participants are guided to use any images that catch their attention, and allow this intuitive process to guide their practice. Do your best to set your thoughts and expectations aside, and allow the process to unfold. You may be surprised with the insights this process provides you! 

This session aims to build community and connection to our creative wellness journey together.

Follow along at home! For this session you will need: 

  • Cardstock or paper (cut to 6x8.5in size)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Magazines (National Geographic's, or magazines with plentiful visuals/photography to work with)
  • Glue
  • Sketchbook (optional) 


  1. Before starting, take a few deep breaths and get comfortable.
  2. Look through your magazines, newspapers, books, materials, for images that you are drawn to, or that reflect ways in which you take care of yourself. 
  3. Find images that catch your attention, and allow this intuitive process to guide your project. 
  4. Cut out, or rip out the images. 
  5. Place, arrange, move, and reanrrange them on a sheet of paper or cardstock to create your composition. 
  6. Once you're happy with your composition, use a glue stick to glue down your images and words. 
  7. When your piece is complete, reflect on the process. What images were you drawn to? How do you care for yourself or what does self-care look like to you? How can you care for others? 
  8. To take this one step further, share your collage with family or friends. What does self-care look like to them?