Water Works by Amanda Abugu

My hobbies include going on walks, listening to music and swimming. I have been swimming since i was a child so I very much enjoy being in and surrounded by water. I am also interested in global warming and the effects of climate change. I combined these two ideas to focus on how climate change is affecting not only my immediate community but the world in general.

Generally, I go on walks almost every day especially during the summer time. During my walks, I used my iPhone to take pictures of the bodies of water I would see. I did this regardless of the weather or what the water looked like. I prefer and enjoy taking pictures of water in their natural state, whatever that may look like in a day. I hope that my series of pictures shines a light and brings awareness to the irreversible effects of global warming.

Amanda Abugu is a 23 year old Law graduate from the University of Southampton. She is currently in the process of writing her Canadian Bar exams and would like to practice Law in Canada.