Hidden Art by Daniella Rice Asgedom

The reason why I decided to do graffiti for my art piece is because I have always found that graffiti speaks in different ways. I always see the most unique graffiti drawings everywhere I go weather it was in the US when I was younger or if it was last week.I love graffiti so much,whenever I see it I always end up happy no matter how upset I might be at that moment, with graffiti you can’t get half the story or you’ll miss out on the most beautiful art piece, I always try to keep that in mind when I take different angles taking a picture. Graffiti has had an impact on my life and I am so happy I get to share the happiness and joy that I have when I see graffiti with you all.

Daniella Rice Asgedom is a 14 year old student who loves taking pictures of graffiti, which is according to her, one of the most creative type of art there is.