Pretty Abandoned by Lindsay Torres

For my pictures, I’m really interested in the loneliness and emptiness feeling you get with abandoned buildings because if you really think about it, this place used to be filled with people, work, and etc, but now it’s just empty, rusty, and unused. When people think about history, they think back to the wars of the world and global phenomenon, but they forget that history is actually around them whenever they come across an abandoned building/ruin and unlike with global history where every fact is defined and event is written down on paper the only ones who remember what these abandoned buildings were like are the ones who remember it being around. The feeling of not knowing and exploration really interested me, but to others they look at abandoned buildings as a dangerous zone that will just wither away. That won’t stop me from taking these pictures though, well, only my parents will stop me anyways.

Lindsay Torres is a grade 10 student and member of the 2020 SEAT class. Lindsay took these pictures with her family’s camera because her brother has the same interest in taking pictures, but he got a new camera and left this one behind.