SESSION 3: Flow, A State of Mind 

Enter into this journey of relaxation and peaceful exploration! Together, we will mindfully explore the properties of watercolours and how elements of water can contribute to our well-being. Listen, as Ainslee Winter guides you through a visualization that encourages us to set aside our thoughts, and enter into a state of flow! We will tap into our intuition to guide our practice, but I will also offer some tips and tricks for those new to watercolour. All are welcome!

Mindfulness Check-In

Choose a colour that represents how you feel right now. Connecting to breath, dip your paintbrush in water and begin to add colour to your page, letting your brush flow-freely. Provide softness and gentleness to what you are sitting with right now. Add what you need for healing right now.

Art Making 

We invite you to become an explorer of the act of painting. Whether you are experienced or new, begin to notice: Does the water move you? Or do you move the water? Let the process of this exploration inform your work. 

# 1: Exploration of Watercolour Techniques

# 2: Flow Action Painting

For this session you will need: 

  • Watercolour Paint (tubes/palette, pencils) 

  • Watercolour Paper (sketchbook, cardstock)

  • Paint brushes (various sizes)

  • Water (for brushes)

  • Paper towel 

  • Note: If you do not have watercolour materials, please still join our creative community with whatever art making materials you have available to you! 

Sundays in the Studio: Watercolour Shadow Play with Maria Mediratta