SESSION 5: Phases of the Moon

Special Guest: Sandie Collins - Yoga/Movement Instructor, Artist

Sandie will gently lead us through a revised moon salutation sequence to help us deepen into our connection to self and the cycles of the moon. No experience is needed! (Remember: think of it as gentle stretches). This practice can be completed from a seated position and made accessible for anyone to participate. 

Learn about the different moon phases and begin to explore your inner experience with the moon. Ainslee will guide you to reflect on the phases of life that inform us through the moon cycles to explore our inner experience. Awareness abstracted by colour and exploring the use of light/shadow will provide insight to our current emotional state. Allow the art making process to embrace a sense of acceptance to where we are currently in our life journey. Let the magical nature of our cycles arise! 

Mindfulness Check-In:

  • Scrap Piece of Paper 
  • Pastel/Charcoal or Pencil/Marker 


  1. Use your drawing instrument and draw in a circular motion.  
  2. Connect with yourself and your materials and allow the movement to guide your work. 
  3. Draw in whichever direction feels right for you! You can add highlights/lowlights or leave it as is. 
  4. Notice, does this movement reflect how you are feeling today? 
  5. Observe the direction of the circles, or patterns in movement across the page.
  6. Does your art check-in have any messages for you?

Expressive Art Directive: 

  • Paper (Watercolour, cardstock, or regular paper. Optional: Create small 6x6inch pieces, or explore on a larger scale!)
  • Preferred Art Making Material (Watercolour Paint, Acrylic Paint, Pencil, Eraser, Scissors, Markers, Charcoal, Pastels, Coloured Pencils, Ink, Collage Materials etc...)  
  • Important: Be sure to include blacks, whites, and greys of your preferred art-making medium

Process: Phases of the Moon

  1. The moon is always the same, it is just our perception, or angle from which we view it, that changes.
  2. Cyclical courses signify the rhythm of life within us, attuning to our innate powers: fluidity, creativity, change...

  3. Wholeness: embracing light and shadow sides of ourselves as necessary parts to the whole.

  4. The moon holds a spiritual connection and meaning. 

  5. Using your preferred art-making materials, create a series of works that explores the phases of the moon through: the lunar month, your personal connection to the moon, the moon over the period of a day (noticing the rise and fall of the moon)...
  6. Notice the colours you are drawn to work with, the shapes and phases of the moon you enjoy, and take time to journal any noticings.