Session 7: Mindful Interactions: Spaces and Places

Join us for a cozy session as we explore our interaction to interior spaces and places. How can we look at the things we are surrounded by with “new” eyes - and how do they influence our wellbeing? This will be an exploratory process of connecting and grounding into our space. 

Suggested Materials 

  • Anything you feel connected to!
  • Ie: Paper, Pencils, Markers, Pastels, Paints, Camera, etc. 

Mindfulness Check-In

  1. Notice your environment. 
  2. Grab three objects that you feel particularly drawn to right now. 
  3. Create a sculpture using the 3 objects.
  4. Create an energy drawing/movement with your body that reflect the message your sculpture has for you. 
  5. Share/Write the message that has come through.

Art Activity 

  1. Mindfully interact with the spaces you are in and the things that you share the space with. Renew your sense of curiosity and appreciation, and look for creative inspiration all around you!
  2. Look Around You and Notice: lines, colours, shapes.
  3. Change your perspective, move around your room. 
  4. What are youdrawn to? Objects? Light or shadows? People or plants? 
  5. Using whatever art-making materials you are drawn to (pencil, markers, paints, pastels or a camera...) follow these prompts: 
  • Prompt #1 - Using the objects you chose earlier as inspiration, imagine what you could make with them? 
  • Prompt #2 - You could make a collage, still life, video, or sculpture using the elements of the things around you. How will you represent those objects? 
  • Prompt #3 - Take a photograph; perhaps get up close and abstract from the things around you!

      6. What was the process like for you? Any insights to share? What did you do make today?

About our Guest Facilitator: Derrick Carl Biso, Artist, Educator, Designer, Educator, Philosopher

Mx. Derrick Carl Biso is the Special Initiatives Coordinator at the AGW. They are a queer non-binary white settler from the province of Prince Edward Island. They also labour as a designer, artist, educator, and philosopher. Their artistic practice & research is currently focused on identity, relationships, responsibility, ethics, the erotic, history, mythmaking/myth-breaking, and conscientization. Derrick Carl graduated from the University of Prince Edward Island with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Diversity and Social Justice Studies. They are studying Psychology and Visual Arts at the University of Windsor and live with their wife, Janet, and cat, Eleanor.