SESSION 8: Rising With The Sun - A Story about Your Blossoming

Special Guest: Sandie Collins, Artist, Print Maker, Yoga Instructor

In what area of your life are you growing and blossoming at this time? What is needed to nurture this blossoming? Join us for an energetic movement and art combination session to further explore these themes. Sandie will move us through gentle yoga flow with a focus on the stages of the sun. She will share her expertise in harnessing the energy and power of the sun to help us fill and warm up our lives! 

We then get to explore our own unique blossoming journey through art! Create personal stories through symbol, representation, and learn how to create your very own mini-book! No experience is needed. Yoga movement is gentle and accommodating for everyone.

Mindfulness Check-In

  • Notice the rise and fall of your breath. 

  • Sink into our greater connectedness with the world around us - the breath of the Earth - the rise and fall of the sun.

  • Feel the sense of interconnection.

  • Envisioning the sun’s warmth radiating from your heart centre: how are you doing today? 

  • Let this warmth shine on however you are today. 

For this session you will need 

  • Paper
  • A mark-making tool (pencil, pen, marker, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Materials of Choice (collage, glue, string, etc.) 
  • Prep your paper in advance using the instructional video below.


  1. Create a story about your blossoming! 
  2. Create your own mini story that reflects on the themes of the yoga session and journal prompts.
  3. Use your environment to inspire you as you create this personal reflection! 
  4. Prompt #1 - In what area of your life are you growing and blossoming at this time (career, relationships, creative expression, health)?
  5. Prompt#2 - What kind of soil do you grow best in (positive truthful, inspired, loving thoughts)? 
  6. Prompt#3 - How much sun do you need (unconditional love and warm attention from friends, family co-workers, and from yourself!)?
  7. Prompt#4 - How much water do you need (emotional support, someone who believes in you and your abilities and potential)?