SESSION 9: Transformative Nature of Art Making

Our wounding is a shared experience that we all move through at some point in our life. What story have you told yourself throughout your life that you would like to change?

Join us, as we take time to journey within, to reinterpret the stories we tell ourselves. Our woundings are offerings to explore our resilience, our strengths, and transformative nature. Through mixed media collage (or the material of your choice), begin to connect with our inner interpretations. Join us as we make an invigorated declaration to rewrite our story “I used to believe that...” to “but now I see that...”.

Journal Prompts 

  1. Prompt #1 - Ponder a wound that is an old and limiting part of your story - “I used to believe that…”. Something you used to believe but now know that not to be true!
  2. Prompt#2 - Looking back and connecting with the Chi/Spirit of my statements (operating from a space of love & acceptance)- “I now see that…”. Transform this limiting story into an empowering new interpretation.
  3. Prompt#3 - How has that limited belief kept me from stepping into my power?

For this session you will need: 

  • Journal or Paper
  • Pen
  • Thick Mix-Media Paper or Cardstock
  • Oil Pastels 
  • Shoe Polish, Vaseline or Cooking Oil (and a Cloth to rub it in)
  • Collage Materials
  • Glue Stick

Art Actvity 

  1. Write a response to these thoughts/journal prompts. 

  2. Identify, circle and extract significant words from your writing (these act as a starting-point for your art making)

  3. Use oil pastels to write words in all different directions, shapes, forms, overlapping until they become indecipherable. 

  4. Transform the image with vaseline/shoe polish/cooking oil. Use small amounts and spread it over the oil pastel. The colours should blend together and become shiny. 

  5. Spontaneously add colour & collage until it feel complete. 

  6. You can add collage elements such as magazine clippings, photos, text, ect...