SESSION 10: Colourful Sensations - Let Go & Transform

In this session, we will connect with the sensations of the body - and their relation to colour, line, and space. Gain awareness as we move through a mediation, identify our emotions, and learn to transform and release through art making and breathwork. This is a great tool to use to work through challenging emotions or as a daily check-in practice. 

Mindfulness Check-In:


  • Watercolour Pencils
  • Watercolour Paper
  • Paint Brush
  • Water Container

Process: Let Go & Transform

  1. Using watercolour pencils, create a scribble to represent how you feel right now. Notice what colours and shapes you are drawn to. 
  2. Dip your paintbrush into water and begin to move your brush over your watercolor pencil scribble. Let the water move across your page.  
  3. Option: there is an opportunity to transform the image by adding more colour and noticing any newly formed shapes. You can also add collage elements to your work. 

Art Activity: 


  • Paper (2) (1st - Body Outline, 2nd - Blank White Paper)
  • Something to Write/Draw With
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Materials of Choice (collage, glue, string, etc.) 
  • Create your own body outline or downlod an outline HERE 


  1. Complete a body scan to become aware of your body in this moment.
  2. Use the body outline to respond to any felt sense in the body. 
  3. Use colour and line to represent your senstations. 
  4. Once complete, on a separate piece of paper, recreate the felt sense without the body outline . 
  5. Begin to build and create a new image using those colours/lines as a foundation. 
  6. Refelction: What does “offering care” look like to you today? 

    Body Scan

    Bringing attention to your body. Notice sensations and identify the physical symptoms of stress in the body (not just mental and emotional). Body scanning helps to reduce stress, increase focus, improve sleep, and increased psychological well-being. It also trains your mind to respond more effectively to stress. After the body scan, you should feel grounded and aware to the here and now.