SESSION 12: Finding Hope Amidst Loss

Special Guests: 

  • Jenny-Lee Almeida - CMHA Mental Health Educator
  • Myah Robillard - Artist

We are excited to welcome Jenny-Lee from CMHA, an engaging and heart warming mental health educator. Together, we will reflect on what changes or transitions we have experienced lately, and our feelings involved with loss. Additionally, we have Myah Robillard joining us to share how loss has informed her art practice through painting and installation pieces. Through her art process, she is able to connect with her emotions and come to peace as she processes her loss. 

Together, we will explore the meaning of the butterfly, and create a painting of hope, growth, and honour in relation to our current experiences using this symbol. No experience is needed! 

For This Session You Will Need: 

  • Canvas/Watercolour Paper
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Water 
  • Paper Towel/Cloth
  • Optional: Sponges, Spray Bottle, etc.